History of Bell Gardia

2022February・Opened English Web Site
2017June・Renewing Web Site
2012June・Volunteer cartoonist Shikishi exhibition
May・Special feature of opening "Library of the Woods"
April・Herb workshop in temporary housing
February・Entrance pediment
2011October・Autumn Garden Cafe
・Sash installation
・Stone house and stone floor
September・Started to build "Library of the Woods"
August・Chimney construction with self-made brick tiles
July・Volunteer cafe
・Completed stone cottage roof
June・Completed "The Phone of the Wind"
・Topping-out Shinto ritual
March・Great East Japan Earthquake
2010December・Chimney sweep
・Started to build "The Phone of the Wind"
・Making the first beeswax candle
September・Garden Concert
・Created the English Garden
・Hammock installation
・Lecture by Paul Smither
May・Eleventh stage of masonry
March・Garden maintenance
2009April・Board installation
・Third stage of masonry
February・Stone cutting
January・Birdhouse and birdfider installation
2008August・Wood chopping experience by three people from Patagonia
・Created a new garden
April・Stone wall stacking
March・Garden arch production of Metal Workshop
・Gate pillar and gate production
January・Metal Workshop
・Cart production
・First work of Bell Gardia
2007August・Remaking the rock garden
May・Opened Web Site