The garden fronting onto the sea

This place where you can see the sea and the garden spreads out in the mountains is the Shiraishi site where the Jomon people lived in the middle of the Jomon period 4,500 years ago. We, who live in the 21st century, can see the sunrise over the sea that the Jomon people would have seen. In addition, you can overlook the sea of Funakoshi Bay in Hanakoshi, which blooms in full bloom depending on the season.

In addition to the vine roses wrapped around the arch, a wide variety of flowers and herbs are planted, making it a natural garden surrounded by refreshing greenery. We are trying to make the garden not just a flowering garden, but an artistic one.

In the garden, tadpoles become frogs, and the natural structure is such that the hatching of dragonflies can be observed, and wild spot-billed ducks, pheasants, squirrels and many small birds show a lively appearance.

In the morning, the sun shines golden from the sea, and in the evening, the sunset over Kujirayama turns the garden red. It is also a charming garden that can be surrounded by fog and show various expressions in the course of the day.

Enjoy the changing seasons while feeling the fog from the sea and the breeze from the mountains in a charming garden that leaves a variety of impressions depending on the location, such as beautifully landscaped rose arches and gentle flowers that bloom gently on the road.