These books are available at book stores in Japan and Bell Gardia Kujira-yama. We would be very happy if you have a chance to read them. CD is available at Bell Gardia Kujira-yama.

Book: With The Phone of the Wind
Writer: Itaru Sasaki
Publisher: Sojinsha (published on 11 July, 2022)
Price: 1,980 JPY →available on Amazon

The author has since sought his own logic in his practical activities through “The Phone of the Wind”, which began with only a sense of sensitivity, asking questions such as ‘Why do people who have lost loved ones build a wall around themselves?’, ‘Why is it important to redirect our consciousness?’ and ‘How can we overcome grief and suffering?”. This book organises previous writings and thoughts and deepens understanding of the 11-year-long work of “The Phone of the Wind”.

Book: The Phone of the Wind: 6 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake. What we can see through The Phone of the Wind”
Writer: Itaru Sasaki
Publisher: Kazama Shobo (published on 24 August, 2017)
Price: 1,944 JPY →available on Amazon

The history of “The Phone of the Wind” which conveys bereaved people’s thought to their loved ones who died in the Great East Japan Earthquake and our activities to the present are introduced in this book. The writer is the one who has made “The Phone of the Wind”.

Book: “The Phone of the Wind” and Grief Care: To stay considerate of heart
Writer & Editor: Itaru Sasaki, Yuriko Yanaga
Publisher: Kazama Shobo (published on 31 October, 2018)
Price: 1,944 JPY →available on Amazon

The Phone of the Wind, the disconnected telephone, accepts all individualities and visitors in deep sorrow are gently filled with tenderness. Home and abroad psychiatrists and specialists from various areas have validated the messages the visitors left to The Phone to the Wind and studied grief process and care. This must be read especially by supporters of disaster care, bereaved families, and deathwatch.

CD: The Phone of the Wind
Songwriter: Itaru Sasaki
Composer: Masato Ohkubo
Singer: Sachi
Price: 2,000 JPY (consumption tax included)
Available at Bell Gardia Kujira-yama

It is said that the greatest danger for the disaster area is being forgotten as time passing. We would like to keep in our mind that there are lives of disaster victims who are still suffered. We will not pass them into oblivion and would like all people not to forget those suffered.

We have made CD with the hope that suffered people would reduce their emotional burden by listening this CD and can get back normal life even a day earlier by speaking out and singing their emotion what they are feeling like talking to lost oved ones through “The Phone of the Wind”.

The one of master piece of Mr. Shinya Fujiwara’s works, who is a photographer, is used for the CD jacket.
We would be very happy if you feel “The Phone of the Wind” by the song recorded in this CD.

*The books are written in Japanese.
* “Kaze no Denwa” is trademarked name. (“Kaze no Denwa” is “The Phone of the Wind” in Japanese)