The Phone of the Wind

Close your eyes gently and listen to the sound around you carefully when you talk in your heart by “The Phone of the Wind”.

When you hear sound of wind, waves of the sea, or birds’ singing, convey your feeling to your lost loved ones through the phone.

Originally, “The Phone of the Wind” was a telephone booth that came to Bell Gardia Kujira-yam as a display in our garden.

We have made “The Phone of the Wind” using this telephone booth in order to provide our visitors an opportunity of getting over their grief by conveying their thought to their lost loved ones such as family members, friends through “The Phone of the Wind” as we thought that the telephone booth might become a strong supporter for those visitors to get over their grief.

“The Phone of the Wind” is connected to nowhere, however talking to lost loved ones via the phone makes people feeling to be connected with their lost loved ones, and their thought will surely be delivered to their loved ones. The feeling of being connected with loved ones is an imagination created by the people’s broken heart, however, this imagination provides those people a hope to live. Creating such imagination is a kind of the strength and power of human being. “The Phone of the Wind” is supporting such people.

Sudden bereavement leaves the feeling that “I would like to tell something that I should have told my loved ones before eternal goodbye” to both who passed away and who left behind.

Also those who lost something very important to them and those who their friends have gone to distanced place have a same kind of grief.

Those people who have deep grief talk to their loved ones through their heart.

Talking with lost loved ones and expressing the people’s feeling can reduce their emotional strain resulting people in coming to hear birds’ singing, feel wind and enjoy scenery around them again, and then their normal feeling such as being moved/touched something comes back to them. And soon people will come to face up to the situation around them.

People realize that they are emotionally recovered by their sense of “feeling” other than their five senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling) through “The Phone of the Wind”. This sense of “feeling” is similar to “prayer” as both “the sense of feeling” and “prayer” are supporting people to get over their grief and comforting them.

“The Phone of the Wind” is the place for “prayer” but not connected to any religion.

* “Kaze no Denwa” is trademarked name. (“Kaze no Denwa” is “The Phone of the Wind” in Japanese)