The Forest of Kikki & The Tree House

The place where children can play named “Kikki no Mori” because you can hear the squirrels crying “Kiki, Kikki”.

The tree house was helped by men who lived in temporary housing at the time of construction from Great East Japan Earthquake. Men tend to stay home, but many people like making things, and having them participate in a large-scale project, a tree house gave them an opportunity to go out. The construction of the tree house was also a time for them to return to their childhood. We called it “adult play”. With the great cooperation of such “neighboring uncles”, the tree house was completed.

The tree house, which is also a secret base in the forest, is very popular with both adults and children. The view from the tree house and the observatory is completely different from that seen from the ground, and is full of discoveries.

Swings, Tarzan ropes, hammocks, etc. are placed, but sensitive children find play equipment in nature and have a great time. At that time, The Forest of Kikki is full of cheers.

The Forest of Kikki not only nurtures sensibilities, but is also a forest that brings the blessings of nature and fills the stomach. Chestnuts and walnuts are harvested every year. If the timing is right, we may be able to share it with everyone.

In this forest rich in nature, we hold barbecue competitions, roasted sweet potato competitions, forest concerts, etc., providing a place for many people to interact.