Jomon Stage

Bell Gardia KUJIRAYAMA is a Shiraishi site where the Jomon people lived in the middle of the Jomon period 4,500 years ago. We named it the “Jomon Stage” and made the outside by stacking the stones on the site one by one, and completed the inside of 10㎡ with all the stones.

It is said that placing the speaker on a stone stand improves the sharpness of the sound, but the original reason was to think, “What kind of sound does the sound pass through between the piled stones?” So, let’s use it as a stage for those who wish to have a concert in the forest, and let’s explore together what kind of sound it will be. You will be impressed by blending with the nature of the forest and trees.

Beside the Jomon stage, there is a stone space where you can make a bonfire. If you hold a roasted sweet potato tournament with children here, it will be a place full of cheers and laughter.

The work of stacking stones is quite difficult, but the work of stacking stones one by one while looking at the shape of the stones is exactly “dialogue with silent stones” where to put them and where there to be put. Some people may want to experience masonry with interests.