Metal Workshop

Bell Gardia KUJIRAYAMA is based on the image of the countryside about 100 years ago. At that time, agriculture was the main activity both in Japan and abroad, and there were blacksmiths in every village. Blacksmiths are in the same position as modern repair shops, and it was common for agricultural and living tools to be repaired by blacksmiths. Inspired by that, there is also a blacksmith workshop in Bell Gardia.

Although the amount of snow in the Sanriku region on the Pacific side is small in Iwate prefecture, it is still snowy during the winter and gardening work is difficult. At that time, a blacksmith heats and forges steel materials to make candlesticks. The concept of making things is “with an atmosphere that 100 years have passed”.

It’s quite a hard working which charcoal and sparks are flying. However, by avoiding welding and machining as much as possible and taking time and effort to make it, it becomes genuine. And because they are handmade, none of them are the same, and each candlestick is a unique work.

A candle is a set with a candlestick. The raw material is beeswax from Otsuchi, which is made by the dipping method. We also hold workshops on handmade candles.

In addition, we are trying to upgrade the scent by adding dried herbs and rosemary from the garden. The honey-colored candles have a green pattern on them, so they look great. When you light a freshly made beeswax candle and look at the light, you will feel gentle and be filled with indescribable healing at the same time.