Relax your mind

We all have an ego that wants to be thought well of by others. When people criticize us for something, we are hurt or depressed because we cannot accept it.

All of these things can be said to be your mind creating suffering. Your mind is picking up suffering. It is your mind that sees criticism as negative and receives it as suffering, giving them value.

It is not that you are suffering because some person was mean to you, but that you are suffering because you are obsessed with it at the time and perceive it negatively as “oh trouble” or “oh I hate it”.

The same is true of stress. There are many causes, but most of them are actually caused by our own selfish beliefs. This includes the frustration that comes from expecting something and not getting it the way you want it, or the victim mentality that says, “I’m doing all this, and yet I’m the victim.

It is not that you alone live in the world, but that people and people, people and nature, and many other things are related to each other, so it is natural that things do not go your way.