You will be exactly who you have been thinking and acting

In Buddhism, there is a concept called “the principle of cause and effect. When we look to the future with hope, the more positive we are about our lives, the more we believe that the future is not fixed, that fate does not exist, and that we can create our own future. When we get a good result, we never say it is fate. They will say it is because they worked hard.

On the other hand, when we look with regret at past events that have already happened, we have the feeling that they were destiny given to our lives. This means that we may feel that destiny appears only for results, and only for results that are incompatible with our will. Then we come to accept it as fate.

In order to make one’s destiny (outcome) good. The action that is the cause is important. William James, an American psychologist and philosopher, said that if you change your mind, you will change your actions. When actions change, habits change. When habits change, personalities change. When the personality changes, the destiny changes. Buddhism also teaches that changing one’s mind changes one’s destiny, and it is assumed that destiny exists in both the East and the West, and that it depends on one’s actions.

Therefore, it can be said that you become the person you think and act you are. If you sow the seed of a radish, it will grow into a radish, not a carrot. If you sow a sunflower seed, a tulip will never bloom. I believe that with one’s own “mindset,” one can come close to becoming a person, if not become one.