Grief care hands-on seminar by “The Phone of the Wind” completed

On the afternoon of the 29th, a day of dazzling fresh greenery, the first “Grief Care by The Phone of the Wind” seminar was held.

This seminar focused on how to reduce grief when experiencing loss, rather than on how to care for people with grief. In my experience and in talking with people who have visited “Wind Telephone,” I have found that the loss of a loved one is not perceived in a uniform way, and that there are many individual differences depending on each person’s life circumstances up to that point. I believe that this individual difference is due to the fact that each one of us has a “heart”.

To deal with the “heart,” we first need to know what the “heart” is. We believe that in order to heal a wounded heart, it is difficult to respond without knowing its reality. To do this, I believe that we must not treat “heart” as a concept in the abstract, but must replace it with a familiar word and deal with it in a realistic manner. I see mind = life force (energy).

Secondly, I believe that we must be prepared to face any sudden change in life or health one day in a calm manner. To this end, I believe that, as the term “advance recovery” suggests, and as with training in sports, it is important to train or prepare in advance in one’s personal and social life as well.

In support of this, we believe that the low self-esteem and self-affirmation of the Japanese people, as shown in UNICEF’s surveys of the well-being of countries around the world, aggravates and prolongs grief in the wake of loss. To this end, it is important to provide moral education from elementary school onward, and to raise awareness that death is an extension of life and coexists with it, without making the topic of death taboo for those who have entered the workforce. We believe that the key to reviewing our own way of life is to gain “awareness” from a number of things and change it ourselves. The opportunity to review one’s way of life crosses in front of one’s eyes at any time, when something happens, or when one sees or hears something. The seminar concluded that it is one’s usual sensitivity and attitude (motivation) that determines whether to seize these opportunities and make them one’s own vitality or just look at them sideways and let them pass by.

Grief Care Hands-on Seminar by The Phone of the Wind

This program is intended for those who are dealing with grief, those who want to become clinical psychologists, and those who want to learn about other ways to be close to others.

How can we “recover our hearts and minds” in times of grief and despair after the loss of a loved one due to disaster, accident, illness, suicide, etc.?

We humans also have an invisible life force. The life force is not only the power to live and vitality, but also the mind itself. When we despair of sorrow and suffering, we believe that our life force declines. I believe that restoring the degraded life force, or state of mind, to its original positive, cheerful, and motivated state is the “restoration of the mind.

I have set up an environment where I can be there for the “emotional recovery” of those who have suffered emotional trauma through the “The Phone of the Wind”, a phone with no telephone line connected to it, and I am quietly waiting for anyone, anytime.

Date & Time: April 29, 2024 (Monday/Holiday), 13:30-16:30 (Reception to follow)

Venue: Bell Gardia Kujirayama, 9-36-9, Kirizaki, Otsuchi-cho

Capacity: 20 people

Fee: 5,000 yen



Relax your mind

We all have an ego that wants to be thought well of by others. When people criticize us for something, we are hurt or depressed because we cannot accept it.

All of these things can be said to be your mind creating suffering. Your mind is picking up suffering. It is your mind that sees criticism as negative and receives it as suffering, giving them value.

It is not that you are suffering because some person was mean to you, but that you are suffering because you are obsessed with it at the time and perceive it negatively as “oh trouble” or “oh I hate it”.

The same is true of stress. There are many causes, but most of them are actually caused by our own selfish beliefs. This includes the frustration that comes from expecting something and not getting it the way you want it, or the victim mentality that says, “I’m doing all this, and yet I’m the victim.

It is not that you alone live in the world, but that people and people, people and nature, and many other things are related to each other, so it is natural that things do not go your way.

What is a rich life?

There are occasional people who live in the city for a long time and then take the opportunity to retire from work and start living in the countryside. I believe and practice that the appeal of country life is a life where one can enjoy spending time and effort without being constrained by time.

The idea of how to efficiently use people, things, money, and resources to increase profits is that of a corporate organization, and I believe that one of the reasons for the increasing number of people who say they do not feel affluent is that individual lives are run in the same way, with efficiency as the top priority. Of course, there is also the problem that salaries have not increased in the past 30 years and, conversely, real wages have declined. ・・・・

However, simply put, today, you can get anything you need by paying for it, and as long as you pay for it, someone else will do everything for you. I don’t have to move a single body, and I don’t have to break a single sweat. Such a life may have the same goal of seeking something, but the process is completely different. In particular, since there is no history of one’s own passage of time, there are no hardships or problems that may occur during that time. Therefore, there is no need to make efforts to solve them. As a result, we have to live our daily lives without the emotions that are supposed to well up from within our bodies. I believe that it is important for people to “live with emotion and inspiration” in their lives, and I believe that this will enrich their lives. For more information, please read one of my book series “Wind Phone”. I am sure you will be able to feel something.

You will be exactly who you have been thinking and acting

In Buddhism, there is a concept called “the principle of cause and effect. When we look to the future with hope, the more positive we are about our lives, the more we believe that the future is not fixed, that fate does not exist, and that we can create our own future. When we get a good result, we never say it is fate. They will say it is because they worked hard.

On the other hand, when we look with regret at past events that have already happened, we have the feeling that they were destiny given to our lives. This means that we may feel that destiny appears only for results, and only for results that are incompatible with our will. Then we come to accept it as fate.

In order to make one’s destiny (outcome) good. The action that is the cause is important. William James, an American psychologist and philosopher, said that if you change your mind, you will change your actions. When actions change, habits change. When habits change, personalities change. When the personality changes, the destiny changes. Buddhism also teaches that changing one’s mind changes one’s destiny, and it is assumed that destiny exists in both the East and the West, and that it depends on one’s actions.

Therefore, it can be said that you become the person you think and act you are. If you sow the seed of a radish, it will grow into a radish, not a carrot. If you sow a sunflower seed, a tulip will never bloom. I believe that with one’s own “mindset,” one can come close to becoming a person, if not become one.