An apology…

On June 8th, there was an interview about “The Phone of the Wind” in the program called “Message to the reconstruction” of NHK Radio 1 broadcast Saturday Asaichiban. After the broadcast, the reaction of the viewers was good, and I received e-mails saying that they were impressed by hearing the broadcast, and I was informed that it will be rebroadcast on August 10. Immediately, I missed the last time and contacted the person who wanted to hear it and waited for August 10th.

On that day, broadcasting of giving baseball equipment was on radio. The people who were in contact called me, “I was waiting for the show, but what happened?” or “It was today, right?”. But I could only say “I’m inquiring now.”

Later, NHK contacted me that High School Baseball Championship was  on broadcast and there was a possibility of a schedule change, but if I contacted it in advance, it would not cause any inconvenience to everyone. It seems that it was not working inside NHK. I apologize for the rebroadcast on August 24th, but my trust has been seriously damaged. I replied to NHK that I wouldn’t contact him anymore and that he should feel free to do it, including whether or not it will be rebroadcast.

Due to these circumstances, I am very sorry that I lied to everyone who came to “The Phone of the Wind” and “The Library of the Forest”. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I look forward to wonderful 2013

Sunrise on January 1, 2013.

I wondered what the sunrise would look like from the tree house, which was completed at the end of last year. The sunlight that instantly softens the cold, tense atmosphere shines, and the surrounding trees begin to breathe.

The long darkness and silence instantly bring life back to life and make noise.

The new year begins and something begins again.

What is visible and audible is neither more nor less than anyone who sees it, who hears it.

What is important is hidden in what you cannot see and what you cannot hear. Now, “cultivation of sensitivity” is important and needed for children in the disaster area.

By enriching your sensibility, you can think in various ways and pursue the essence of things.

Play with flowers and small animals in a natural environment and understand their feelings.

ok at the books from “The Library of the Forest” on the lawn, or stay in the forest bench or Tree House.

I want you to imagine and expand your creative space with your own sensibility.

Bell Gardia KUJIRAYAMA, an uncharted handmade countryside, supports activities with everyone who supports Bell Gardia KUJIRAYAMA, “cultivating children’s sensibilities,” “people in need of mental care,” and “people with disabilities.” I will continue to do it.

I look forward to working with you again this year.

Talk Live in Morioka successfully ended

On November 22nd, at the 30th anniversary celebration of the Japan-British Society of Iwate, I reported on the activities of “Thinking about the recovery of the Heart from the English Garden, Bell Gardia KUJIRAYAMA”. The moderator is Mitsuru Suzuki.

The bridge of mind is carrying out disaster area support activities by mental health experts who have responded to the open call for participants of the Japanese Psychiatric Emergency Society from all over the country. And, by building a bridge with people in various fields, it is an NPO that helps people affected by the disaster to receive support.

Invited to the 1st Bridge Talk Live, we had a talk live of over 100 minutes with the title of “Thinking about the recovery of the Heart from the English Garden, Bell Gardia KUJIRAYAMA”.

On the day of the event, we had a meaningful time with psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, Iwate Japan-UK Association, Iwate Prefectural University School of Nursing lecturers, mental health workers, and other mental care specialists.

Bell Gardia KUJIRAYAMA will continue to focus on nurturing children’s sensibilities, helping the victims’ mental care, and supporting and caring for people with disabilities. We appreciate your cooperation.

With Julia Longbottom, Chargé d’Affaires and her husband, Richard Sciver


Introduced in “Human” of Asahi Newspaper

I was introduced in “Human” of the morning edition of Asahi Newspape ron October 27. At “The Phone of the Wind” and “The Library of the Forest” that have been active so far, mental care, fostering children’s sensibilities, and creating a tree house where children can play were introduced.