The wind lives in a green space

The cherry blossoms bloomed about a week earlier than usual this year.

The cherry blossoms are over, and the season of fresh green with a fragrant wind has come. It’s my favorite season.

This year, 10 years after the great earthquake, I have been busy with interviews since around January. However, as soon as 3.11 passed, I felt that the noise became so quiet that I wondered where it went and what it was. The world is changing in the same way as the seasons, and it is natural that the subject of interest changes from time to time, and I think that even victims of the earthquake cannot stay in sadness. I am. You have to find a little joy in your life and enjoy it.

Due to the influence of Corona, I am forced to refrain from living, but even so, depending on how I have my consciousness, it can be fun and boring. Why don’t you spend this Golden Week leisurely and relaxed in the big natural rhythm?