At the bottom of the healing process is prayer.

Today, seven people from Taiwan and one from Hong Kong are visiting “The Phone of the Wind”. Since the beginning of this year, visits from Europe, the U.S., and East Asian countries seem to be more frequent. However, more than 50 of “The Phone of the Wind” centers have been established around the world, and the number of people who are grieving is increasing due to such disturbing events as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

In order to heal people’s grief, we need to add “feeling” to the five senses (seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling), and only then will people feel healed. This feeling of something is important and is a movement of feelings that we all have, but it is difficult to express outwardly, and it is similar to prayer.

“The Phone of the Wind” has the unique feature of being able to “feel” the caller’s feelings, such as “I can’t hear anything, but I feel the caller’s feelings,” and “I can’t see anything, but I feel the caller’s feelings.

We believe that visitors to the “The Phone of the Wind” are healed by praying for their loved ones who have passed away.