“The Phone of the Wind” and the presence of the soul

Through my experience of living in the mountains for a long time and communicating with animals and plants that do not speak human language, I thought that it would be possible to communicate and exchange feelings with those who have passed away by changing the way we view “death.

The life and death of a living being are connected on a single line, and death is considered to be an extension of life. We can think that just because a person dies and his/her body disappears, it does not mean that the person is gone, but that he/she still exists as a dead person. We humans not only have a physical body, but also a body of consciousness, including the senses, intellect, and mind, and we believe that the mind is the life force (energy) that controls all of these.

Without this idea, “The Phone of the Wind” could not have been created. Even after the death of a loved one, we can still use the “wind phone” to convey our thoughts and feelings. The ability to communicate with the dead is not an act of the five senses, which allows us to “see, hear, and touch” using the sense organs on the body before death, but rather an object of the mind, which allows us to “feel,” and we believe that this will be possible even after death. This is difficult to describe in words and has something in common with prayer and faith.

Life force (energy) is not only the power to live and vitality, but also the mind itself. Only when the mind has power can the power to think and the power to live be created. But where is that mind located in the human body and what form does it take? Is it the mind in the living, or is it the soul when it comes to the dead? I don’t even know if “soul = mind. It is precisely because no one knows, that we are able to communicate and exchange thoughts and feelings through the “Wind Telephone.

Then, does the “soul” of the deceased exist forever? I believe that the soul exists as long as there are people who knew the deceased, and that the soul also disappears when there are no more people who knew the deceased.

For more information, please read with my book “The Phone of the Wind”.

At the bottom of the healing process is prayer.

Today, seven people from Taiwan and one from Hong Kong are visiting “The Phone of the Wind”. Since the beginning of this year, visits from Europe, the U.S., and East Asian countries seem to be more frequent. However, more than 50 of “The Phone of the Wind” centers have been established around the world, and the number of people who are grieving is increasing due to such disturbing events as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

In order to heal people’s grief, we need to add “feeling” to the five senses (seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling), and only then will people feel healed. This feeling of something is important and is a movement of feelings that we all have, but it is difficult to express outwardly, and it is similar to prayer.

“The Phone of the Wind” has the unique feature of being able to “feel” the caller’s feelings, such as “I can’t hear anything, but I feel the caller’s feelings,” and “I can’t see anything, but I feel the caller’s feelings.

We believe that visitors to the “The Phone of the Wind” are healed by praying for their loved ones who have passed away.

12 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake

The scars from the loss of a beloved family member are still very much present 12 years later, and this time of year evokes a tingling sadness.

Especially when I touch the memories, it is not like when touching a recovered scar, nor is it like when touching a scar that has been damaged by nerves and is numb. Rather, the exposed nerves are exposed to the air and well up with a rawness that makes you want to scream out loud.

It is as if you are trapped in a complex sensation of wanting to jump out of the reality you are in, and of waiting for something to cover your scars.

In either case, it is up to one’s own mind to free or constrain oneself.

The 3rd Book “With The Phone of the Wind” Publishing

On 11 July, my third book, “With the Phone of the Wind”, was published.

Eleven years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Last year marked 10 years, and although we thought we had reached a milestone, many people affected by the disaster are still suffering from a variety of problems. In particular, the grief of losing a loved one does not heal over time, but is perceived in very different ways depending on the individual circumstances of the disaster, and the scars of losing a loved family member are ever-present.

Through the practical activities of the Wind Telephone Service, I have been asking myself questions such as “Why do people who have lost loved ones build a wall around themselves?”, “Why is it important to redirect our attention?” and “How can we overcome grief and suffering?”. I also came to the conclusion that organizing and deepening my previous writings and thoughts would help people to better understand the “The Phone of the Wind”.

Although there is some overlap with my previous two books, “The Phone of the Wind: 6 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake. What we can see through The Phone of the Wind” and “’The Phone of the Wind’ and Grief Care: To stay considerate of heart, I have added some writing to what I have said and written on various occasions and quoted from conversations with various people. This book will give you a glimpse of the “The Phone of the Wind” activities over the past 11 years.

It is on sale at bookstores nationwide or Amazon.

English version HP opened

The English version of “Bell Gardia KUJIRAYAMA” has been opened.

We have received many inquiries from overseas, and we would appreciate it if you could learn about Bergardia Kujirayama and The Phone of the Wind.

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